Iguana 29 : Amphibious Vehicle That Can Handle Almost Any Condition

Friday, November 25th 2011. | Transportation

Iguana 29 is an amphibious vehicle that was developed by a company called Iguana Yachts founded by a sailing enthusiast and passionate about innovation and sustainable development, named Antoine Brugidou. The concept (which is subject to a world-wide patent) is based upon the integration of a caterpillar system within the hull without affecting its aesthetics, performance, or its seaworthiness. For movement on land the Iguana 29 is equipped with a pair of retractable caterpillar tracks, which can reach speeds up to 8 km/h, while in the water, Iguana 29 can reach speeds up to 35 knot.

Iguana 29 : Amphibious Vehicle from Iguana YachtsIguana 29 : Amphibious Vehicle That Can Handle Almost Any Condition

What makes the Iguana 29 most different from other amphibious vehicle, is that it was conceived to handle almost any condition, where the tide can go out for miles and where one has to navigate between sandbanks, rocks and currents. It can also carry up to ten passengers and a planned hybrid version will even be able to run under electric power where the gas engine is considered too loud. When the The Iguana 29 is launched it will be priced around $287,000 and you can check the video below to see how the Iguana 29 in action :

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