iHeart Locket Is a Cute Access Key to iPad Diary

Thursday, June 6th 2013. | Gadgets

Most gadgets featuring wearable technology are designed to look sleek and elegant but that’s not a prerequisite. The reason why Google Glass and the likes of it sport a bold and modern line is because the primary market for such devices is business executives. If they had been designed to attract teenagers, they would have probably looked like this cute iHeart Locket with all the curve and shiny spots. In a nutshell, this delicate little adornment is an access key to open an iPad diary written by happy teenage girls.

iHeart Locket The Key to Your Digital Diary

As its name implies, the locket resembles what people think as heart (yes, because I know there is no human heart that shapes like a piece of cookie you eat in Thanksgiving). Along with the device, the maker also launches an iOS diary app with which teenagers can craft their innermost thoughts into a personal journal. Well, not really a journal, actually, because the app allows users to input various types of entries such as audio file, picture, text and written notes.

iHeart Locket

Every piece of iHeart Locket manufactured by Dano is claimed to have its own respective code, so there is no need to worry about anyone taking a peek even if they have the same device. Using it is as simple as pushing the dedicated button on the locket and before your daughter blinks her eyes, all the entries she has input disappear like magic. If you think your daughter should have one, you can buy it for less than $30.

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