IKEA Mood Lamp Reads Your Current Emotion

Saturday, June 1st 2013. | Around The Home

Among the keys to successful communication is that you can take into account your partner’s current emotion, hence you can adjust the way you talk. Unfortunately, unless you have the ability to see through someone’s mind, reading someone else’s emotion is just as tough as understanding Apple and its conservative policy. The story is different, though, for this sleek IKEA mood lamp.First thing first, do note that this lamp is not an official product manufactured by IKEA. Instead, it’s a hack project initiated by a Milan-based Web developer named Vittorio Cucolo which involved his basic table lamp which happen to be manufactured by IKEA.

IKEA Mood Lamp

To support its special function, Cucolo has put together a common webcam and an Arduino board as microcontroller. The webcam plays the role of an eye that observes your facial expression. There are at least 76 points or spots on your face that become the major focus of the webcam. As you change your expression, the distance between those points shift as well. Right after the webcam finish measuring those distances, the built in algorithm will process and transform the data into a string of numbers, which is then represented by the color of the lamp.

Did I just twist your mind? Well, in other words I can say it like “Put a long face and the lamp will turn blue – make a nice wide smile and the lamp will turn pink.” It’s a very interesting project indeed but I wonder if it works for those Special Forces who are trained to show no expression. [psfk]

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