iKit NuCharge Meddles into the War between iPhone Battery Cases

Tuesday, March 19th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Arguably, the market has been quite crowded already with battery cases for iPhone. The most popular one is probably the Helium Juice Pack by Mophie. However, it doesn’t prevent some third party companies like Shark Design from believing that there is still some space to build their business upon. Recently, the said company launch a campaign at Kickstarter to crowdfund its iKit NuCharge battery case.

iKit NuCharge iPhone 5 case and battery

The iKit NuCharge is, well, a pretty basic battery case for iPhone 5. In fact, it doesn’t look very appealing due to its noticeable chunkiness which will certainly bulk up your iPhone. This is because, unlike most battery cases, the juice pack on iKit NuCharge isn’t built into the case. Instead, it’s externally attached to the case and requires you to plug in the Lightning cable to your handset. It does, however, provide an advantage for users by leaving all ports open unobstructed which allows for easy access. Tap on the pitch video to see if their offer is good enough.

The battery capacity is 1900mAh which is partly the reason of its chunkiness. Additional features include interchangeable covers and a kickstand to make your video watching experience more enjoyable. In case you’re in doubt for its quality, iKit NuCharge is an MFI-certified (Made for iPhone) product. In other words, Apple is willing to put its name at stake for it, so you shouldn’t have too much worry about it. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking to reach $15,000. If you think it deserves your help, make  your way to the site and dish out $59 to get you one once it’s ready for shipping.

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