Infrascanner 2000 Scans Over Your Head for Live Threatening Hematoma

Wednesday, February 6th 2013. | Medical

According to an independent survey, there will be an incredibly great number of people who die because of brain injury and trauma by the end of 2020. While the accuracy of the data is unknown, it should be a precaution for us to take a good care of our head. Regular checkup can be a good way to detect intracranial hematomas (brain bleeding) but unfortunately, CT scan takes both time and resources to complete. This is where Infrascanner 2000 comes into picture.

Infrascanner 2000

The new device in question looks like a gigantic TV remote with special metric on the middle and a set of infrared transmitter on the most top. If doing a CT scan requires you to lay yourself in a special bed while allowing the operators to run the X-Ray machine, Infrascanner 2000 only needs you to hover it above your head and push the tiny button on the back to start scanning.

Infrascanner 2000 entirely relies on the measurement of light absorption by each half of the brain. According to the engineer, a healthy brain should tout symmetrical and equal light absorption. If later it is discovered that there is a part of the brain which appears brighter than the surrounding, it could be a strong indication of hematoma. Mind you, brain bleeding can cause a particular spot of your brain to be more sensitive to infrared light exposure, thus it looks brighter. In addition, the engineering team also claims that the whole process should only take two minutes to complete.

FDA has approved Infrascanner 2000 since 2011 actually but it has just received decent publication just recently. It’s currently available outside the U.S. market but should hit the stores soon. If this still doesn’t give you peace of mind, try Shockbox Sensor.

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