Innovation that meet simplicity, let your Ipod and Iphone charged trough Bluelounge’s Minidock

Friday, September 9th 2011. | Mobile Phones

Its a lot of fun could be done with your iPod and iPhone, this gadget be able to do a lot of capability just on your palm. Just like any other gadget, the electricity for this gadget is supplied by rechargeable battery inside, so regularly we do the charging for our iPod and iPhone. Some problems may occur when we do this charging activity, such as incompatible socket, some space to put our gadget, and messed up cords everywhere. It will more annoying when we must charging it on certain place like kitchen or even in a bathroom

Bluelounge MiniDock

Now, we dont need to be worry, an accesories development company, the Bluelounge has develop a helpful solution to simplify the charging process for your iPod and iPhone. This solution named minidock, a tiny and compact iPhone and iPod charger which can directly charging your gadget from your home electricity socket. The most interesting parts is how this Minidock handle the position of your gadget. Innovatively Minidock be able to charge the gadget with upright position, so this is place-efficient concept, no more laying down gadget and daggling cords. with proper usage, we can easily and safely charging our gadget in the hotel, kitchen, or even in the bathroom.

Bluelounge MiniDock

Minidock is tiny enough, so we can just put it into our small bag or even put it into our pocket. Minidock is available on 3 different version for US, UK, and spesifically for Europe market, this product categorization is divided related on the socket compatible on each region. Especially designed for iPod and iPhone gadget, Minidock is designed to meet standard requirement for Apple product, but it have special notice for you who protect your gadget on a case or bumper, you need to remove it first before charging it trough Minidock, it is needed because some case or bumper is too thick so it extend the dimension of your gadget to fit on Minidock.

So, have fun with your iPod and iPhone, because you dont need to worry when it is running out of battery, you can just charging it with Minidock anytime, anywhere, safely. For other innovative accessories related your Apple product, also check Innovative Product For iPhone 4 Case

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