Inside Out Keyboard Touchpad – Is It Helpful Enough?

Wednesday, November 28th 2012. | Computer & Accessories

When designing the inside out keyboard touchpad, Min Koo Yeo aimed to help those who have to deal with cramped space on their work desk. His keyboard has a functionality that mimics that of a mouse. This way, he expects that you can have a little more space on your desk to place your cup of coffee on, for example. Not to say that, the keyboard itself looks quite nice in Compaq size and minimalist design.

inside out keyboard touchpad

But it’s rather doubtful for us if his inside out keyboard touchpad will be practically helpful. In order to make it function like a mouse, you need to flip it over to reveal its bottom side. Sure, it’s nice to have a very large touchpad you can travel your fingers around with ease. But to have to flip your keyboard while you’re typing a document, seriously?! Until now, the inside out keyboard touchpad still remains as a prototype but if Min Koo Yeo sees a good prospect up ahead, he might eventually put it to mass production.

Honestly, we think it would have been better if the touchpad had been located on the same side as the keyboard. He could have just provided a little space at the top corner for this purpose. But well, the device wouldn’t have any marketing point if he had done it exactly like that. After all, weird stuff does attract more attention even when it’s not very practical and helpful. Jump over the comment section to share your thoughts with us about this!

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