InStep NanoPower : Just Walk, Let Your Shoes Harvest The Energy

Wednesday, September 7th 2011. | Miscellaneous

Our technology of mobile communication is getting developed. More gadget, more capability is available to support our mobile lifestyle anytime and anywhere. One of the important aspect to support this mobile lifestyle is the endurance of battery. It will be annoying if we are in the middle of an activity and we are running out the battery, meanwhile, there are no electrical port nearby to charging our mobile phone battery, surely this situation need a solution.

Instep NanoPower

Nanopower is developing rapidly. Is it interesting if you can just walk normally and then harvesting the energy from your walking activity? This concept is developed by InStep Nanopower. When we are walking, normally this energy is lost as heat, but the InStep NanoPower technology is be able to generate more than 20 watts of electricity. InStep Nano Power use the reverse electrowetting method which was developed by Krupenkin and Taylor from Wisconsin University.

Instep NanoPower is be able to convert mechanical energy from our walking activity via microfluid which transferred by a microdroplet interact with groundbreaking nanostructured substract. To improve its capability, InStep NanoPower is also protect the element and sealed it securely against water and dirt. This is a true innovation and applicable in our daily aspect, in fact, most of us is do the walking activity everyday and let the energy lost as a heat, InStep NanoPower will catch the energy for us, so it will save more energy. This technology is currently in the process of being commercialized, It will be interesting to realise that every move we made is harvesting energy, especially to support our mobile phone battery life. the Krupenkin and Taylor’s Company will make sure InStep Nano Company available in the marketplace soon. Nanotechnology is also developed to heat your clothes, the innovation accomodated by Nanotech Fiber Clothes

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