Intellipaper : Now USB Flash Drive Takes the Form of a Paper

Wednesday, November 28th 2012. | Computer & Accessories

My first USB flash drive was the one I bought on my third semester of my study in college. Its capacity was only 2GB and while its small size looked nice, it’s nothing compared to today’s USB flash drives. I mean, seriously, this thing has evolved significantly in the last few years. In fact, you may think that a 2GB USB flash storage is a joke now as some companies have launched the same device with capacity reach a whopping 64GB.



Recent advancement dealing with USB brings the name of Intellipaper to our radar. As the name tells, it’s actually a USB flash drive converted to appear as a piece of paper. It’s already official now and you can purchase it on its official website. It’ll cost you only $0.50 per unit, so obviously you have to buy it in bulk. Watch the promo video below!

The light price seems to be in accordance with the capacity offered. The largest version of Intellipaper provides users with 32MB space while the smallest one only spares users with 8MB. It’s indeed pretty diminutive but then again, the company never purports its product to be your main alternative of portable storage. With paper USB drive, it is expected that people will find it easier to attach a file which they thing necessary to be included with, say, invitations, gift cards, business cards, etc.

intellipaper USB flash drive

It might be too soon to ask whether you have gotten your hands on the Intellipaper or not. But who knows? Maybe you’re just as enthusiastic as we were and decided to fetch some for your own good. In that case, don’t forget to tell us what you think about it.

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