Interactive Head Mounted Displays by German COMEDD Scientists

Tuesday, November 13th 2012. | Gadgets

Smart glasses development or sometimes referred as HMDs is on a rising trend today. The most famous one would probably be Google Project Glass which was introduced a few months ago. Far from Germany, information shouts out loud, reporting that a leading institute is currently following the same trend, developing interactive head mounted displays.

interactive head mounted displays by COMEDD

Specifically, various researchers and engineers from Fraunhofer grouped by the name of COMEDD have successfully developed smart glasses that may someday out perform Google’s glasses. According to the info, wearers are expected to see what they referred as augmented reality, in addition to the literal one.

This augmented reality is presented in the OLED displays of the glasses and whatever users see on that displays, they can control it simply by rolling their eyeballs or blinking. If everything runs on track, the interactive HMDs will be showcased in Munich electronica trade fair in November 13.

According to the developers team, those who will likely benefit from this invention are mechanics frequently conducting complex reparations which are impossible to do without keeping referring to particular handbooks or long instructions.

They do not need to get distracted anymore by having to flip over pages after pages just to get the info they’re looking for to mend the damage. By simply rolling their eyes from left to right or vice versa, they can already access the info without taking away their focus from the machinery.

Of course, such a view will almost certainly get them a headache for the first few trials. But when adaptation period is complete, they’ll be the coolest mechanics ever stood in this world. Now Neo from the classic Matrix Trilogy can’t act cool anymore for what he has is only plain black glasses, though we believe they’re pretty expensive.

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