iPhone Biosensor Cradle Helps Detect Toxin, Pathogen, and Other Molecular Threats

Wednesday, May 29th 2013. | Medical

I can see that in the future men will be far lot more dependent on smartphones as developers and scientist alike always try to squeeze in some more functionality, although through added hardware and software. Lately, researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign managed to complete the working prototype of iPhone Biosensor. Materializing as a cradle, the device is claimed to be a handheld spectrophotometer.

iPhone Biosensor

Just so you know, spectrophotometer is a full-fledged lab solution that allows scientists and researchers alike to detect pathogen and toxin as well as conduct medical diagnosis involving molecular substances. A good unit of such device costs about a handsome $50,000 to manufacture. In contrast, this iPhone Biosensor app and cradle combination is planned to retail at only $200, saving you quite a whole lot of cash. Not to say, it offers unmatched portability as well. Tap on the video below to see it in action.

Empowering iPhone Biosensor is an arrangement of various lenses and filters. To take the advantage of it, users start by placing the sample on the slide that has been coated with photonic crystal. From there, the slide must be inserted to the cradle and the accompanying app will guide users through the process. According to the maker, identification using this device only takes about a few minutes and it can be used to detect literally any molecular substances contained in particular sample.

This might not sound too appealing for casual iPhone users and gamers but for those who frequently find themselves come home late due to slow works at lab, this will definitely be handy.

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