iPhone Lens Dial : Give You Ultimate Photography Kit

Thursday, November 24th 2011. | Mobile Phones

If you call yourself a iPhoneographer, and you want to take pictures of different types from pictures you normally take, then the iPhone Lens Dial from photojojo might be the solution for you. The Lens Dial is a machined aircraft-grade aluminum case which has three different lens, a .33x Fisheye lens, a .7x Wide Angle lens, and a 1.5x Telephoto lens, all made of optical-quality coated glass and it’s works for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. To switch between lenses just rotate the disc, like when you want to call someone using the ancient phones.

The iPhone Lens Dial features wide angle, fisheye and telephoto lensesExamples of images captured using the iPhone Lens Dial

For those of you who don’t know, iPhone 4S became the second most popular camera phone on Flickr after the iPhone 4 in just one month after its release! and probably did not take long to overtake the iPhone 4 as the most popular camera phone on Flickr. This is not surprising, considering the resulting images from the iPhone 4S camera has an impressive quality.

Okay, back to topic. Unfortunately, the price from the iPhone Lens Dial is not cheap, even the price is almost equal with the iPhone itself. You have to prepare money for $249 if you want to buy it and it is included with two tripod mounts (one for portrait, the other for landscape shots). Well one thing you should know, by using this Lens Dial will increase the weight from your iPhone by 10 ounces or 283.495 grams.

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