iPotty Uses iPad to Keep Your Little One Entertained When Nature Calls

Tuesday, January 15th 2013. | Toys & Games

As good parents, you want to make sure that your little ones have good knowledge about what they should do, including pooping and peeing in the right place. Unfortunately, kids aren’t like adults. No matter how you tell them to get into toilet when nature calls, if they see no fun at it, they won’t go there. Well, it’s a bit too much but at least, that’s what the maker of iPotty thinks. To provide an engaging entertainment for kids in the wash room, the company makes its training potty integrated with an iPad dock.

iPotty iPad Dock

iPotty Toilet Training iPad Accessory

In general, iPotty looks almost similar to any training potties for kids. It’s small, it’s got a fun looking color combination, pee-guard for the boys, and sort of stuff. What makes it stand out is the integrated iPad dock at the front where you can place your expensive iPad. The company expects that by allowing your kids to play say, Angry Birds, they won’t be complaining to you when they have to go to toilet.


Recommended for kids between six months and three years, it’s normal for you parents to have a little concern regarding your iPad. To keep it safe from what anything your kids may throw at it, the dock also has a screen guard that can be removed with ease. Unlike Lixil New Satis Toilet, it’s got not app or whatsoever that allows you to control it via your iOS devices. Good news is it comes with a seat cover, so your little one can still play with your iPad even when nature hasn’t called yet. Expect for a March launch with price tag of $40.

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