Iron Man 3 Mouse Gives Your Desktop a Superhero Accent

Friday, April 26th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

Is your desktop so dull that your eyes burn just for seeing it? Then you’re going to need some sleek stuff to touch up its look. The latest of such stuff caught by our radar is this Iron Man 3 mouse. Designed by a Hong Kong-based company called E-Blue, this mouse appears as the head of everyone’s superhero in its Mark XIII armor.

Iron Man 3 Mouse

Unlike Iron Man Suit, this mouse is real and you have to use real money to have it sent to your doorstep. Overall finish looks pretty smooth without necessarily castrating its functionality. The scroll wheel is positioned right in the middle of Iron Man’s forehead which apparently is divided into right and left-click buttons. Above those, the eyes are lit up by the built-in LED. As for the resolution, the mouse manages to reap a number of 1000dpi. Watch the promotional video below to see the animated process of building this armored peripheral.

Currently, Iron Man 3 mouse retails for 599 Yuan which equals to $97 but it’s not certain when it’ll starts shipping globally. Still, if you want it so bad, you might want to check eBay regularly because cool stuff from overseas company often show up there soon after it’s released.

Iron Man Mouse

In anyway, this mouse can definitely spruce up the dull looking impression your desktop makes, though it won’t make you a flamboyant wealthy player like Tony Stark. Also, don’t complain about it feeling uncomfortable in your palm because it’s designed with only aesthetics in mind not ergonomics.

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