Iron Man Suit Won’t Make You a Super Hero

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Who doesn’t want to be Tony Stark? He’s stinking rich and always surrounded by ladies – and enemies, of course – anywhere he goes. He’s got an armor that can make him look like the toughest guy on the planet and allows him to fly and outperform jet fighters such as the F-35. Although there is no way you can imitate his look and build an empire like he owns, you can still appear tough with this Iron Man Suit.

Iron Man Suit For Sale

The material used to compose this armor is a mixture of steel and carbon. So it has the ruggedness yet stay on the light side. To make navigation easy while you’re flying, it sports the Mark XLVII headset featuring holographic technology. That way, you can view a set of complex digitized dials even when there is no screen in front of your face.

Stabilization jets are built into the both hands and boots of the suit. To make sure you’re aware whenever something coming from your side is about to strike you down, some cameras are also installed on the shoulders and wrists. The price tag you have to afford for this sleek Iron Man Suit is 250,000 pounds. Not cheap indeed, but considering you will have the power of a jet fighter on your feet and hands, it’s still quite a bargain.

Does it get you sold? Well, shame on you, bro! You won’t be able to purchase any Iron Man Suit even when you’ve got the money to afford it. This thing is just a prank made to celebrate April’s Fool day. If this had been real, we would have seen David Beckham along with other “Richie Riches” showing it off.

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