Its Compact, Its Multifunction, Its Energizer iSurge

Saturday, September 10th 2011. | Mobile Phones

In this age of technology, gadgets is being part of our daily life, mobile phone and other useful gadgets is unseparateble from our activities. Proper usage and maintenance is an important part to keep our gadgets perform its optimal function. we often get a trouble when we need to charging our gadget which is running out of battery. Usually, each gadget is equipped with its own charger, so it will be a mess if we should bring couple of gadgets and also taking attention for its charger separately, is it any solution for this charging  activity, some kind of one for all charging equipment.

Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station

Here comes the solution, Energizer, big name on electrical equipment offer the iSurge, this charging equipment is just like one for all charging device, this iSurge is a Travel Charging Station for Apple family, such as : iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other devices. The iSurge is an all-in-one AC adapter offering a top-mounted 30-pin dock for the iPod and iPhone. Its really integrated, because iSurge also equipped with two USB ports 2.1 Amp output for fast charging of the iPad, 3 standard, surge-protected AC outlets, a 180-degree rotating plug, and an integrated nightlight.

Energizer iSurge is a trully solution and simplification in one package, for you with couple of gadgets, limited space and love to be simple, iSurge is a weapon of choice. The Energizer iSurge Travel Charging Station will be released in October 2011 for $59.99. Want to accecorize your iPhone with a case? read about Innovative Product For iPhone 4 Case, or need more simpler charger? try to read about Bluelounge’s Minidock

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