iTube Detects Potentially Dangerous Allergens on Your Foods

Thursday, December 20th 2012. | Mobile Phones

Food allergy might not sound very terrifying and dangerous but don’t get it wrong. Such an illness can literally take away somebody’s life if he/ she doesn’t receive proper treatment immediately. That is why all parents living with allergic children are always on an extreme cautiousness when it comes to their kids’ meals.

iTube : UCLA's food allergy mobile phone device

The current allergens detector is exclusive to particular medical centers as it’s so much bulky and expensive. However, a recently unveiled device called iTube is looking to provide an alternative to such a detector. Built as an iPhone attachment, it enables you to scan over your or your kids’ meals to see if they contain life threatening allergens.

While we’re sure it sounds quite like a relief for most parents out there, it comes with a few catches which require a little patience to deal with. The iTube is not that easy to use. There are several steps and preparations that have to be met prior to testing all of which take approximately 20 minutes if you do it correctly, of course.

Specifically, you will have to grind the sample food and then blend it with the provided extraction solvent as well as hot water. You have to set it aside for some minutes before you’re allowed to bring a number of chemical reagents into the mixture. Now you need to ready the control in a different test tube. Once done, all that’s left is scanning both sample and control courtesy of your iPhone camera to measure the concentration of the allergens.

The result can be seen on the accompanying app. It presents the concentration of the allergens in parts per million. The data will also be automatically sent to the iTube servers for record and better analysis. So far, the device has been put to a test with a number of cookies you can get easily from supermarket. So, any of you are interested to be a food investigator?

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