iTwin SecureBox, Cloud Storage Security Booster

Wednesday, October 24th 2012. | Internet & Web

Not a very long time ago, iTwin announced its latest product called iTwin SecureBox. It looks like an ordinary USB flash disk, but don’t be fooled by its appearance as this slick USB stick is actually a security enhancer for your cloud storage. Currently, the cloud service that is compatible with the SecureBox is only Dropbox and we’re absolutely clueless whether the company will add more support for other cloud services.

iTwin SecureBox, Cloud Storage Security Booster

iTwin, if you haven’t heard of them, is a company that has years of experience dealing with cloud storage and cloud transfers. With more and more people utilize such a service, they see a potential where they can leverage the business and actually help the market to better secure the cloud.

iTwin SecureBox itself works by encrypting a number of particular files saved in the USB stick. Once it’s done, integration with Dropbox is made automatically, leaving users with completely secured connection to their cloud storage. In other words, simply plug in the USB stick and enter your password, you should not have any worries about someone hacking into your cloud from this point onward.

If you’re an existing user of iTwin, the SecureBox files are available for free for you. However, if you have not had the USB stick, you will need to shell out $99 to get it at either Amazon or the official developer website itself. Now your dream about secure cloud storage has come true, you don’t need to fear of saving some private information there. iTwin SecureBox is simply a magic.

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