JAC< Is a Foldable Electric Scooter That Helps You Draw Attention

Friday, December 28th 2012. | Transportation

If you’re unfortunate enough that you find yourself a bit unattractive, JAC< might help you get some attention. It’s a foldable electric scooter developed by LEEV Mobility, a startup based in Amsterdam. Currently, the company has managed to build the first working prototype but seems to have issue to mass produce it. So, they resort to Kickstarter for a crowdfunding alternative.

JAC< foldable electric scooter by leev mobility

The idea is to provide an environment-friendly vehicle for urban commuters who just don’t want to deal with the hectic pace and traffic jam. It’s lightweight and entirely nimble but just don’t expect much power out of it. Featuring a foldable design, JAC< can be easily stored on your car trunk. Not to say that you can also charge it from the available outlet in your vehicle. The video below shows how you can look as cool as Tom cruise only with a casual T-Shirt, sun glasses, and of course, JAC<.

As far as the design goes, it has everything it needs to look modern and casual. Depending on your taste, you may not like the asymmetrical extension of the handlebar. However, LEEV Mobility points out that it serves a particular function which is enabling it to fold accordingly with the rest of the components. The battery is composed of lithium polymer and you can see how much juice is left from the little display mounted on the handlebar. To make it even neater, its key is made to appear as an electric card.

JAC< foldable electric scooter

Black JAC< Limited Edition by Leev Mobility

LEEV Mobility is looking to collect $75,000 to initiate the manufacturing of JAC<. Once it’s launched, the retail price is expected to be $1,950. You can have a discount worth $450if you pre-order it from Kickstarter, though. So, how about it? Do you think it’s sleek enough to mend your unattractiveness?

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