JamStik Is a MIDI Guitar for iPad You Have to Physically Pick

Saturday, April 27th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Unless you’re a born musician, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time before you can master a guitar. Lots of practice is a must. You will probably have to use your waiting time at the airport for practice but as you know, taking a full-sized guitar anywhere you go is just ridiculous. This is where you should thank technology because with technology guys at Zivix manage to finish the early prototype of JamStik.

JamStik portable MIDI guitar lets you play and learn on the iPad

On its core, JamStik is a small digital guitar sporting real strings and frets, designed to be used with your iPad to help you with the training. Its size that is not bigger than a ukulele should help you carry it with ease while the rear strings still allow you to have the same experience as you do with your actual guitar. In addition to its original goal, you can also use JamStik to arrange some rough tunes before you step up to a more serious process inside a studio with your band. When bored, Zizix also offers a Guitar Hero-like game you can play with this contraption.

The JamStik is a compact digital guitar

Currently, the developer is raising fund at Indiegogo to make it commercially available for masses. Tap on the video below to know more what they’re offering.

The fact that it’s a device that uses MIDI signal to function doesn’t limit it to only be used with the three accompanying apps. There are more than 400 iOS Core MIDI apps at Apple App Store that you can chose to pair it with. That should be more than enough to help you through a long and boring day on weekend. To make sure that a unit of JamStik will be sent over to your doorstep, Zivix asks you to sign a pledge of $199. Are you in?

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