Japanese Remote-Controlled Toilet Gets You Covered at the Most Inopportune Time

Saturday, March 16th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Here’s the situation. You live in a house with only one bathroom and toilet. As you wake up in the morning, you’ve got a sudden nature call to empty that bladder of yours. Unfortunately, your mother or sister is using the bathroom and you know they have just got into the room and won’t finish until the next twenty to thirty minutes.

Remote-Controlled Toilet

For men, a quick hop into the bush in the backyard should solve the problem, though, it’s really not convenient. But can you imagine if that is experienced by a woman. For that sole cause, a Japanese-based company creates this remote-controlled toilet.

Its name tells it all. This urinal-shaped toilet is equipped with four wheels and also a remote control. As what its advertising brochure says, this remote-controlled toilet got your nature call covered and you no longer “need to panic every time you need to go.”

It’s really absurd, indeed. In fact, I bet there is no one who is grubby enough to use it for peeing or even pooping. Who can stand seeing a walking dejection, anyway? As bizarre as the product, the ad showcases a dude with a toilet paper still stuck on his crotch.

It somehow reminds me to Lixil New Satis toilet whose entire mechanism is controlled by iPhone. Of course, this one is a lot grosser. Still, if you’re pretty much of a prankster, you can use it to deliver hot chocolate to anyone visiting you. That would be quite a joke in this cold winter.

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