Japanese Scientists Developing Visual and Tactile Projection System

Saturday, June 8th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

In the future, you might not need to bother with any third-party controller to help you with your business presentation as you can literally get a hold of everything right from the projected visuals. Scientists in Japan recently showcased yet another mind-bending project which involved a complex system that can deliver both visual and tactile cues to all objects, whether it’s static like projector screen or dynamic like your hand or your colleague’s back.

Visual and Tactile Projection System

There isn’t anything like official name here, so for the sake of the report, let’s just call this invention “the system”. Basically, the system is built upon two concepts which were introduced earlier. One is responsible for keeping tabs on the 3-dimensional position of the objects on which the interface is projected. The mechanism is so advanced that no matter how fast the object moves from one spot to another, it won’t disrupt the projection even with the slightest delay.

Another system is capable of delivering tactile cues to the object, so it can act as a touchscreen device. This system has its core on a device developed by Shinoda Laboratory and partners called Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display (AUTD). It comprises of a range of ultrasonic oscillators that sends out the tactile feedback using ultrasonic sound. Watch how it moves strips of papers on the video below!

“Alrighty, that sounds cool but how can we benefit from it actually?” I’m sure you need to check out the intro of this post but aside from business stuff, developers might be able to use the system to create a virtual game where the only controller needed is your hand. [psfk]

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