Jarpet : 3D Projection of Pets for Boost Kid’s Passion to Natural Environment

Tuesday, January 22nd 2013. | Toys & Games

In this time, many families choose to live in the city with all the progressions that makes them live far away from natural environment. This condition makes children who live in big city also have less access to natural environment, but actually the case is children needs to have contacts with various animals, plants or other natural environment to improve their knowledge about surroundings.

Jarpet : 3D Projection of Pets for Boost Kids Passion to Natural Environment

Urbanization process also makes children have no idea about animal’s behavior and habits. It does make any sense if today’s children only have little passion for nature because of the current situation. Well, as we all know actually children are curious about natural environment. We can help them by let children do little observation with new education invention design: Jarpet. Basically, Jarpet is 3D images of various pets in viewing jar. With Jarpet, kids can do close observation about penguin, sheep, frog and butterfly, right in their room. No need to buy zoo tickets to see penguin natural behavior every time.

Jarpet by CUI Minghui, MA Yinghui, ZHANG Di, ZHAO Tianji

With Jarpet, kids can learn animal’s habit from close in their room and this invention can boost their passion for nature, especially for the animals which they seldom find in their apartment or city. Kids can get detail information about the Jarpet animal from online Jarpet shops too. Parents can shop via internet according to the kid’s animal interest. It is different than keeping real pet because no need to feed the animals and you can save your money. Jarpet 3D image of pets is designed by 4 young designers. Kids can experience colorful and fun interactions with various animal images utilize multi-sensory technology. So, are you ready to observe natural environment with Jarpet?

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