Jet Vest Redefines the Classic Concept of a Jetpack

Wednesday, December 19th 2012. | Miscellaneous

A figure of a jetpack has been introduced to the public eyes since a long time ago. James Bond even wore it once on one of its sequels, the Thunderball. While it was totally exciting, the unit is sadly not very practical, expensive, and awfully dangerous. However, the crew behind Jet Vest might have something to resolve such problems.

jet vest micro turbine flight rocket belt mock-up

The mastermind behind the project is Jet Machines Extreme founded by Dieter Sturm and Jeff Seymour. Unlike other jetpacks, Jet Vest does not use rocket engines fueled by hydrogen peroxide which is nastily dangerous. Instead, it features micro jet turbo engines which is claimed to be a lot safer and lighter. Still, it needs lots of improvement to get into what the crew wants. Watch the team’s pitch on the video below!

It is expected that once it completes, the machines will be able to carry maximum weight of 400 pounds for a period not exceeding 4 minutes. Moreover, the developer also wishes to make it more fuel efficient that it will only need $20 for a flight. Mind you, jetpacks in general require $1200 – $1400 to get the necessary fuel to power the rocket. So, once it really makes it into completion, Jet Vest will be the most cost efficient wearable jet pack.

jet vest micro turbine flight rocket belt

Jet vest is officially live at Kickstarter and it’s looking for a financial assistance from you. You can donate as little as $10 if you want but the team promises you an access to sub-rosa video for a $500 pledge. If you want to be involved as a crew, you will have to pledge $2500 and you’ll be up for tester if you have $5000 in your pocket.

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