K1 Auto Disposable Syringe Made To Save Lives

Thursday, December 1st 2011. | Medical

As we all know, re-use of syringes is very dangerous for health because it can spread deadly viruses, one of them is HIV/AIDS.  So what’s the solution? very easy, do not use the syringes that has been used. But sometimes or even often times it is not we who lack of cautious, but the health workers who underestimated about this, especially the health workers who lack of the training or in poor condition that so easily using the same syringes for multiple patients without thinking about consequences of their actions. But thankfully there is now a K1 Auto Disposable syringe.

K1 Self-destructing syringe is made to save lives

So this is how the workings of the K1 syringes made by a company called Star syringes :

A small ring etched on the inside of the barrel allows the specially-adapted plunger to move in one direction and not the other. After one complete injection is given the plunger will automatically lock in place, and break if forced, rendering the syringe useless.

According to information I get from their site, K1 Auto Disposable syringe has been approved by UNICEF, WHO and ISO, and also already an in demand medical tool in various developing countries. Here is the video where there is explained how the K1 is produced and what makes K1 unique. But before that, since now the 1st of December, I want to say Happy World AIDS Day 2011.


via [gizmag]

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