Keret House Is the World’s Narrowest Dwelling

Monday, November 12th 2012. | Architecture

In a city where space becomes premium commodity like in New York, you will do everything you can to fit all your furniture and appliances. Speaking of that matter, no one is better at making the most of small space than Jakub Szczesny, a Polish architect. Recently, he finally completed his latest work which takes form as the world’s narrowest house.

He specially constructs this house for infamous Israeli writer, Etgar Keret; no wonder people call it Keret House. The abode is situated in Warsaw, a certain district in Poland where large numbers of Jews were concentrated during Nazi’s regime. Specifically, the dwelling rests right in the narrow path that exists in between an old apartment that was built before war and modern co-op constructed in 2011. It is love toward the different age of both buildings that inspires Szczeny to build Keret House.

From the outside, the abode looks just like very tall rectangle which is inserted between two buildings on its side. Its widest space measures only 47-inch while its narrowest point is 20-inch smaller. Don’t think about getting inside if your body is typically larger than normal people. However, despite its cramped size, the facilities inside are pretty comprehensive, not to say that it feels quite airy too.

On the first floor, it’s got a bathroom where you can not only pass a water but also take a refreshing shower. There is a small dining table right next to the ladder that leads to second floor. Second floor is where Keret sleeps on his rather stretched bed. Obviously, you must not force yourself to fit in if you are among those live with claustrophobia but until this time Keret has not yet complained about being so uninspired. what you say about it?

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