Kidtrack Monitors Kids on Their School Buses

Thursday, March 21st 2013. | Transportation

Parents must know how uneasy it is to let go off their kids by themselves for the first time to catch on a school bus. The concern becomes worse if you realize that there are maniacs living among us who can trigger a horrible incident similar to one taking place in Connecticut.

Kidtrack Biometric System

Aiming to provide a peace of mind for parents, Fujitsu Frontech North America, in collaboration with T&W Operations, develops a biometric tracking system called Kidtrack. Such a system is planned to be equipped on all school buses, so when the kids leave for school, the parents will know which bus they board in.

Kidtrack Biometric System how it works

The Kidtrack basically comprises of the biometric PalmSecure reader Fujitsu unveiled a few while ago and a cloud network. Before kids find a seat inside the bus, they are required to put their palm on the reader. The reader will scan the blood vein which is different from one kid to another. From there, the system will look up the database, searching for the matching pattern, and eventually put a check on it.

That said, there is an initial registration process all kids have to go through. According to Fujitsu, this process should be pretty straightforward and won’t take more than five minutes. Also, to prevent the kids from transmitting bacteria and other nasty stuff to their friends, the biometric scanner is designed to work even without the kids essentially touching it.

Now if parents report that their children are missing, authorized administrators can quickly access the cloud network to see any useful info regarding their departure. Should the bus involve in an accident, a list of passengers can be drawn in no time.

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