Kinsa Smart Thermometer Tracks Diseases, Heal Patients, and More

Saturday, May 4th 2013. | Mobile Phones

What can your thermometer do? Simply measuring your temperature? Pfft, what cheap stuff! Meet the Kinsa, a smart thermometer that can track the spread of disease and stop it for good so other family members don’t have to suffer the same illness. “Sounds too good to be true.” you say? Well, lay back because from the cues the company has put up at Indiegogo, I can tell you that this is a real deal.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Interestingly, its added functionality doesn’t come with more fancy hardware under the hood. In fact, Kinsa looks pretty much like common thermometers. The way you use it doesn’t differ too much as well. You put it inside your mouth and wait until it finishes reading. What is different is that the steps you do after wards. Instead of calling up a doctor, you just have to plug the device into the headphone jack of your iPhone and let the app do the doctor’s job. The video below walks you briefly through what it has to offer!

Prior to using the app, you are required to make a user profile. You can do this for all family members, so the data will not be mixed up. Every time you plug the thermometer to your iPhone, the app will keep tabs of the temperatures along with the symptoms that accompany them. From there, you can either send the data to a physician or consult the public health records to see if there are other people showing the same symptoms.

If you pick out the latter, the app will provide proper recommendations dealing with the effective treatment and things you have to avoid. The company requires a minimum pledge of $25 to list your name among others who have made preorder. For Android users, the company states that they’ll be working on to make the compatible version.

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