KIRO-M5 Aimed at Geriatric Hospitals to Assist Nurses Take Care of the Elderly

Friday, February 1st 2013. | Medical

Whether you like it or not, we have to admit that South Korea and Japan are better than U.S. in terms of robotic development technology. Recently, a Korean institute even introduced a new medical robot that is aimed to help geriatric nurses keep personal hygiene of elderly patients.

KIRO-M5 Nurse Bot

Called the KIRO-M5, this mech is capable of performing wide ranges of treatment for senior citizens; from something as simple as waking up the patients up to more complex task like alarming the nurses that the patients diaper needs a change. The initial development of said droid was begun for the first time in 2011. It is the Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence that is responsible for the creation of KIRO-M5.


Even though this buddy doesn’t look quite charming like other sophisticated humanoid robots (think of ASIMO), it still features various sensors that allow it to be a personal assistant for the elderly. Specifically, there are at least three features namely, bumper sensors, hurdle sensing laser, and ultrasonic mapper, that should keep it on the safe side. It also sports a front-facing camera so the nurses can watch over their patients remotely and only come when needed.

KIRO-M5 Robot nurse for patients in South Korea

The most amazing functionality of KIRO-M5, however, would be its scent sensor which can analyze the air and tell the nurses if the patients have soiled their diapers. Until this point, this robot sounds quite impressive but the engineers state that its development isn’t finished yet. They’re still waiting feedback from both nurses and patients to adjust a few improvements that will be squeezed off in the future version.

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