KREATION Vacuum Former Makes You Want to Dump Your 3D Printer

Thursday, April 18th 2013. | Miscellaneous

The flourishing trend dealing with 3D printers has open up many possibilities to build a business. Some companies try to heat the competition by designing yet another 3D printer. Some others excite hobbyists with the modeling hardware. However, very few have original concept like our friend from San Francisco called Aaron Silverberg. He’s the one who invents KREATION, a device that allows you to make prototypes without PC or any software. All you need is a heat source and a vacuum.

KREATION Vacuum Former

Anyway, I probably should fix my previous words for telling that this is entirely Silverberg’s original idea. Vacuum former, if you haven’t known it, is actually an old concept that has surfaced years ago. It’s so old that many people tend to overlook it, so Silverberg came in and adopted the concept to build KREATION.

Using it is pretty straightforward. All you need is a sheet of plastic – either ABS, PETG, or Styrene – that measures in at 12 x 12-inch. Clip it on the frame and start heating it until it’s soft. Put the object you want to imitate on the sucking platform and quickly flip the soft and hot plastic so it covers the object. Turn on the vacuum and wait until the plastic cools down and harden. That’s it; no need to crack your head to learn how to use CAD software. Below is the pitch video!

To get the fully assembled KREATION Vacuum Former, you need to submit a pledge of $75. The delivery is estimated to run in July 2013. On the meantime, you can think of what stuff you want to imitate. Just don’t try to make a plastic prototype of your hand because while it’s cool, that hot plastic is not something you want to cover your hands with.

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