Kudos Turns Your iPhone into Presentation, Media, and Game Controller

Saturday, March 2nd 2013. | Mobile Phones

Did you know that your iPhone has already had a couple of advanced sensors which aren’t used to their fullest? For some reason, Apple equips their iPhone with a three-axis gyroscope as well as an accelerometer. So, now instead of developing a peripheral sporting its own gyro sensor and accelerometer like the Ego! Smartmouse, why not making a tiny add-on to leverage your iPhone functionality, just like Kudos?

Kudos Presenter For IPhone

In general, Kudos appears in two different units: the RF transmitter and RF receiver. The transmitter is supposed to be plugged into the iPhone’s audio jack and it runs on the frequency of 2.4GHz. Meanwhile, the receiver must be inserted to the USB port on your PC or laptop. The transmitter is responsible of translating any commands you make on the accompanying app and send them over to your PC through the receiver. The receiver will then translate the command signal so that your system can recognize it as an input from an external keyboard.

KUDOS Presenter for iPhone presentation

KUDOS Presenter for iPhone presentation Demo app

So, how can it help you with that? According to the developer, Kudos can be used to control your PowerPoint presentations and media player. Some games can also be controlled using this add-on. If you want it, a pledge of $29 at Kickstarter is enough to grant you one. Check out the pitch video below!

Since the transmitter uses audio connector, the developer promises that they will make the app compatible with Android and Windows Phone devices. Also, you have to be within 90 feet in order for the signal to be transmitted properly. How do you like it for a shot?

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