Kyosho Space Ball Looks Just Like a Wicked Dark Flying Orb

Wednesday, November 7th 2012. | Toys & Games

How do you like an RC helicopter that won’t break or drop itself to the ground when it your girlfriend’s head? If you’re a neat freak like us, you’re going to go for it without a doubt. Speaking of cool toy you can play around, Kyosho Space Ball meets exactly the description we made earlier. Featuring a sphere-like shield, this thing will only bounce off when you hit it onto your girlfriend’s head to tease her.

Kyosho Space Ball

Of course, it will experience a violent drop if your girlfriend is getting pissed off and decides to slap it away with her magazine but you know how to have fun with this already. In terms of design, it’s maybe the ugliest RC helicopter ever made as it looks just like a floating orb that can fly, thanks to the rotating blade inside. However, its protective frame makes it the toughest one to beat. Not only is the frame capable of resisting external force that may disturb its maneuver but it also helps the aircraft to get a stable stance on the ground.

Kyosho Space Ball R/C Chopper

In addition to spherical shock-absorbing frame, it also comes with absorbent sheets. Dip it on a fragrant liquid, attach it on the aircraft, and you can spread the fragrance into the whole room with fun. So, it’s not only helpful to tease your girlfriend, after all. The controller needs six AA batteries to function correctly while the Kyosho Space Ball itself requires a piece of lithium polymer battery. Those live outside Japan can get this via Japan Trend Shop for somehow steep price of $116. In case you need to be more sure about it, watch how this wicked orb engages a dude in a short moment of fun on the video below!

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