Leaning Rocker Helps You Stand with Comfort

Thursday, November 1st 2012. | Miscellaneous

An Israeli furniture designer, Avihai Shurin seems to know well the pain of having to wait especially when you must stand because all of the available seats are already occupied. He designs mountable furniture called leaning rocker that seems comfort enough for you to lean your back on. Even though sitting is still obviously more comfortable, leaning your back toward this mountable rocker can at least help ease the burden.

Leaning Rocker

Featuring a rocking steel frame, Avihai’s invention seems strong enough to hold considerably heavy weight person. However, it is not too stiff that it can hurt your back, instead. Besides, it is also complemented with a large wooden backrest that can accommodate most part of your back, allowing you to lean comfortably.

Now where do you think such handy furniture is going to be installed? Of course, in places where there are lots of bored people waiting for their acquaintance such as airport, train station, public hall. It can also be used in a meeting room where the space is somehow limited. Picture yourself as an unfortunate secretary who has to wait for her boss finish the meeting by standing around simply because the seats are already taken. This stuff can definitely extend a hand in such situations.

Even though leaning rocker is not ready yet for mass production, it has been a featured story at YankoDesign along with other cool stuff like Q-Ring for dogs. Having read this post, we expect you wouldn’t be too surprised when you finally find it mounted on your train station next year. Cheers!

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