LeapReader Shows Children How to Read and Write Properly

Thursday, May 16th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Reading and writing are parts of our daily life but for children under the age of five, they’re similar to cracking some code to develop the most advanced software. Teaching them will not likely lead to a success unless you can get their attention. And there is nothing better at attracting kids’ focus other than toys or a teaching device that looks like ones, just like this LeapReader Pen.

LeapReader Pen by LeapFrog

Made by LeapFrog, the device follows the company’s typical characteristic which is offering playful experience while providing some real academic value to children. Essentially, this pen is designed to help parents teach their children read and write the right way, so they won’t need to invest such a good deal of cash in a private teacher. Check it out on the promotional video below!

Actually, LeapReader Pen is pretty similar to the Tag Reading System unveiled by the company a while ago. Children only have to scan all the letters printed on the accompanying books using the tip of the pen. As the pen is recognizing the letters, it will produce sounds and phonics that represent them. The only difference is that LeapReader also teaches the kids to write.

What it does is instructing the kids regarding the steps to recreate those letters in their work books. If they succeed, the pen will flash and uttering some praises; should they fail, no one is laughing at them. To prevent the kids from using the pen to make some line art on the parents’ wall, the pen is designed to work only with mess-free paper used to compose the work books. At $50, LeapReader seems pretty fair to me.

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