Learnstift Helps Kids Write the Right Way

Monday, February 4th 2013. | Miscellaneous

We believe most of you aren’t teachers but if you’re one and happen to teach kids on their primary level, you must know how frustrating it is to teach them to write correctly. The challenge will double up if you’re dealing with large classes where you can’t distribute your attention equally to each of them. So, how about giving them a pen that can help you monitor them? If you like this idea, you’re going to like Lernstift.

Lernstift : Self Correcting Pen

Appearing as a pen, Lernstift is designed to vibrate when it detects errors and typos in the users’ writing. These errors can be related to the spelling and to the form or legibility. While the developers do not clearly disclose what technology used to empower their invention, it’s certainly a big help for primary school teachers or parents who struggle to get their kids to write correctly.

There are two modes which teachers and parents can opt for to give an emphasis on a particular aspect of their children’s writing: the Calligraphy Mode and Orthography Mode. Activating the former will make Lernstift focus on the legibility of the kids’ writing while turning on the latter will enable the device’s sensor to monitor the spelling and grammar. While it’s helpful, it’d be nicer if there is an option that allows us to activate both modes simultaneously.

Learnstift Technology

As soon as it detects error, Lernstift will vibrate. Adults might know that there is something wrong with their writing right away when this happens but kids must be told first. Also, its form factor looks kind of too big for children’s grip. Do you think it’ll be of great significance for kids’ earlier education?

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