LG Flexible OLED Display to Debut with Smartphones Later This Year

Friday, May 24th 2013. | Mobile Phones

It’s been a while since I last heard about LG Flexible OLED Display and recently the company officially showcased the first working prototype of the unbreakable screen at Society of Information Display (SID) 2013. Unlike conventional display, LG’s screen is entirely constructed out of plastic, hence, it’s flexible. On its booth, the company challenges everyone to break and tear it apart using a cold black steel hammer.

LG Flexible OLED Display

The prototype that’s shown to public measures in at 5-inch and if you ask me, it’s almost identical to a sheet of film strip, only a little bit thicker. You can try to crush it, slam it to down, or chew it like a bubble gum, this thing won’t budge. In addition to its endurance against harmful forces, the display also has the advantage of cheap manufacturing cost. As a matter of fact, the primary reason why LG develops it is seemingly that it wants to significantly suppress the production cost yet maintaining the quality.

LG 5-inch Flexible Plastic OLED Display

Guys at Engadget managed to get a hands-on with LG Flexible OLED Display and you can watch it on the video below!


LG confirmed that its OLED display will eventually make its debut with some smartphones later this year and the size isn’t necessarily fixed to 5-inch. Also, the resolution of the prototype seems to be 720p but LG should be able to kick it up to full HD in the next few months. Combine this thing with the next-gen Gorilla Glass by Corning or Rhino Shield and you’ll have the toughest smartphone ever!

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