LG Hom-Bot Square Leaves no Safe Ground for Dust

Monday, November 5th 2012. | Household

Hom-Bot Square is a robot vacuum manufactured by LG to help you save your sweat for something more demanding. It is actually the updated version of the less popular model dubbed as Hom-Bot 3.0. Unlike its predecessor, the Hom-Bot Square appears more rectangular in shape and is claimed to be 72% more efficient at taking care of your dusty corners. Watch its dramatic promotional video below where the said robot vacuum leaves no safe ground for the dust!

The robot relies on a camera sensor installed on top of it to perceive the environment it works in so that it can move the right way. If you watch the video, the dust is eliminated at night and under low light setting. The reason why Hom-Bot Square does not lose eyesight even when the surrounding light does not support it is because the camera sensor is capable of performing simultaneous localization and mapping in low light environment.

LG Hom-bot Square Vacuum Cleaner

In order to prevent it from destroying itself by hitting your hard furniture, LG completes its robot with ultra-sonic distance sensors. In addition, no matter in what room you employ this robot, it is believed to clean equally well as it is made with learning function, enabling it to adjust to any rooms. Perhaps, the Hom-Bot Square is indeed worthier that the previous robot vacuum by LG.

There are three model variations offered by LG at the moment: the Spiral, ZigZag, and Cell. You will not be able to fetch one of these for your own, unless you happen to be in either France, Germany, Italy, or spain.

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