LG Whisen Air Conditioner Works on Voice Commands

Saturday, January 5th 2013. | Household

After launching its Anti-Mosquito air conditioner at the African market, LG is set to unleash yet another tech-savvy air conditioner. This time, the company will target its own homeland, Korea, and the machine we’re talking about is called Whisen. It’s a large AC system designed with tower style in mind. Certainly, it’s not going to boast ultrasonic functionality to repel any pesky mosquitoes.

LG Whisen Air Conditioner

Instead, it’s capable of receiving voice commands from a distance of 16 feet. Now you don’t need to bother looking for the remote.Whisen’s voice recognition capability not only enables you to switch it on and off but also adjust the temperature as well as the wind velocity. In addition to this neat feature, LG Whisen Air Conditioner is also NFC-enabled. Thus, if you’re having a bad flu or cough and can’t spell clear enough, simply walk to it and tap your handset on its NFC tag.

Along with the Whisen, LG also aims to promote its 4D air-conditioned cooling technology. It enables the machine to blow air from four sides simultaneously. And since it’s also able to track your current position, making the energy consumption more efficient, you can stay cool without worrying the bill you have to pay at the end of the month.

Additionally, the new Whisen also doubles as a security device, thanks to the built-in camera. Through the complementary app that comes with it, you can occasionally take a look at your house while you’re away at the office. It’ll be available in Korea this spring for 350 million Korean Won which equals $3,000 and something. Are you up for this?

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