LifeBot : Telemedicine Device for Emergency Situation

Monday, December 31st 2012. | Gadgets, Medical

Even though the number of doctors and experienced surgeons is literally countless, there are several situations in life where a help from such experts is far from existence. Deathly war zones are only a few places where you just shouldn’t expect doctor too much. With technology, however, the difficulty of such situations can be solved to some extent, at least. Using what is coined as telemedicine technology, LifeBot brings hope to the wounded ones who are far from the reach of any physicians.

LifeBot Telemedicine Device

LifeBot is housed on a 15-pound box which is entirely ruggedized to anticipate any unfriendly outdoor conditions. Basically, it helps doctors, working on a remote area, get to know the whole situations on the emergency site in real-time. This way, the doctors can instruct the emergency personnel on the site about what to do to save the patient’s live. More than just a telecommunicating device, however, LifeBot can also tell the doctors about the current blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate of the patients, enabling them to give more accurate directions.

LifeBot also packs electrocardiography (ECG) along with ultrasound transmitter. In addition, the company behind its development notifies that it aims to make it a little smaller in the future while adding a defibrillator into the package. According to the company, the total sum required to fund LifeBot is no less than $14 million which is totally fantastic. Right now, the privilege to use it might still be exclusive to military forces but once the technology has been improved to an extent that it can reduce the production cost, it may eventually be available to all of us.

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