Linkase Ease Your Pain for Weak Wi-Fi Signal

Friday, March 8th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Unless you subscribe to an unlimited data plan, you will have to rely heavily on Wi-Fi to download jumbo files on your smartphone. While almost all popular hangout places today are Wi-Fi enabled, there are times when you’re stranded to some remote places on which Wi-Fi becomes a luxury. You may still be able to get your device connected but it’s going to suffer from maddeningly slow speed. If you frequently experience this, you might want to consider getting Wi-Fi signal booster like this Linkase.

Linkase Enhance iPhone 5 WiFi Signal

More than a signal booster, however, Linkase doubles as a sleek case for your iPhone. The material used to construct it is polycarbonate. It’s layered with leather to make it look more appealing and also avoid being slippery on your hand. There is a raised rubber at the front to better protect that expensive retina display from bumps and scratches. Pretty standard, indeed, but its WiFi enhancing capability is a big plus.

Linkase Signal Enhancing Cases for iPhone 5

According to Absolute Technology, the developer, our handsets never make the most of the available Wi-Fi signal. This is because the built-in components which are meant to grab such a signal are often covered by our hands. Linkase helps solve this by providing a slide-out EMW (electromagnetic waveguide) antenna. So, instead of counting on the built-in components, your handset will depend on this external antenna to connect to the network. Absolute Technology boasts that their case can enhance the Wi-Fi signal up to 50%.

LINKASE for iPhone 5 – WIFI Improvement demonstration – full version

There are no words about pricing and availability yet but the company promises that more details will follow up soon. By that time, you’ll be able to choose between the five color variations: black, blue, white, gray, and red.

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