LinkMe Displays Your SMS on a Billboard Bracelet

Wednesday, March 20th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Curiosity can kill the cat and it can kill you too if you insist on grabbing your handset to read the incoming message while you’re on a meeting. Well, maybe it won’t kill you but you will very likely get kicked out of your work. None of you wants it to happen, I believe, but ignoring the message is the same like you’ve got an itch but you leave it to tickle you. The solution is a billboard bracelet that can displays the text for you to read while staying under the radar. Meet LinkMe!

LinkMe Wristband

Working on Bluetooth, LinkMe can connect to your smartphone and stream your message on its LED screen. It’s big enough to read from a distance and you can opt for either red or blue LED. As for the message, you can authorize the device to display messages from particular services like SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Currently, it’s still a prototype and the developer is raising fund at Kickstarter. Below is their pitch!

According to the developer, LinkMe can stay up for two weeks with a single charge. It can be much shorter, though, depending on how often you receive messages. The final version is expected to bring forth several nice features such as built-in vibrator, waterproof coating, support for emoticons, and multi-colored LEDs. A pledge of $99 will grant you one of these – more if you opt for one featuring 203 LEDs – when they’re ready to go. A cheaper alternative would be the EMBRACE plus but it’s nowhere cooler than this one.