Liquipel Makes Your Smartphone Waterproof

Monday, January 14th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Sony has announced an addition to its lineup of high-end smartphones, the Xperia Z. Among the major selling point Sony showed off is that the handset is completely water resistant. From there, we can see a trend where manufacturers will announce more premium handsets with such helpful waterproof coating but what about the older devices? Well, they won’t have the same privilege unless you send them to Liquipel.

Liquipel Nanocoating Technology

At the ongoing Vegas CES, Liquipel showcases a significant improvement it has made dealing with its hydrophobic nanocoating technology. Liquipel version 2.0 not only makes any object water resistant but also seamlessly integrates itself with that object. Simply put, once your device has been coated, you’ll hardly see any differences. The nanocoating has become one with your device. How neat is that?!

Liquipel Water Resistant iPhone Coating

To show us that it’s the real deal, the company doesn’t start directly with the already-treated devices. Rather, they showed us a sheet of thin tissue which has undergone the coating process. As water was poured on the tissue, it turned into beads that glided through the surface of the tissue. It seemed as if there was a plastic or sort of stuff that prevent it from being absorbed. Done with the tissue, they went on with real HTC Thunderbolt 4G; check it out below!

So, what say you? It’s beyond impressive, indeed. The company plans to manufacture the machine instead of offering the coating service. They’re still working to get the license as well as looking for a partner to have the manufacturing done locally. According to the company, the machine won’t be too much larger than your home printer. Still, if you can’t wait for the machine in question to hit the streets, you can check Liquipel’s website to see if they can do something about your current devices. For alternative, we’ve also seen similar but less advanced technology in HzO Nanotechnology and Neverwet Spray.

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