Lixil New Satis Toilets Is Smartphone-Controlled

Wednesday, December 19th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Quite a while ago, we were excited to discover Squatting Toilet which came with some medical claims. It opened our mind that actually squatting while you pass the water is much healthier than sitting. But let’s leave it for now becase we have yet another new type of toilet to discuss. Designed by a Japanese Company, Satis will likely be the first toilet that is controllable via smartphone.

lixil new satis toilet

The company, Lixil, aims to help everyone ensure their hygiene when they’re doing the business. They argue that by minimizing the occasion when you have to touch the toilet, you will not need to expose yourself to the nasty germs and bacteria dwelling the site. Indeed, since most of the toilet’s functionality can be controlled via the accompanying Android app, the only part when your skin touches the toilet is when you pull down your pants and sit down on it.

satis lixil toilet japan smartphone remote control

The video below is officially released by the company to promote Satis toilets. It’s in Japanese, though.

Within the app, you can lift the seat with an easy tap on your device. The same goes for activating the flushing mechanism as well. If you’re bored or anything, you can have the app play a nicely arranged soundtrack. Don’t get too comfy, though, because falling asleep in a toilet is just not nice. There is even a feature that enables the app to keep a history of your defecation which is unnecessarily weird. In addition, the toilet itself harnesses the goodness of Plasmacluster Ion technology for even healthier stooling. Lixil states that Satis will be up for sale by February next year, only in Japan.

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