Logitech Harmony Link : Turn Your Tablet or Smartphones to Universal Remote (Now Available)

Saturday, October 1st 2011. | Around The Home

If you wish to use your tablet or smartphones as a universal remote control in your living room, then the Logitech Harmony Link can meet that expectations especially if you have a variety of entertainment devices in your home. With design like hockey puck, the Harmony Link requires a home WiFi network and the free Logitech Harmony Link App in order to interact with your iOS device, and takes what you select on your iPad or iPhone and translates it to IR commands to control your various entertainment devices.

Logitech Harmony Link

The Harmony Link can replace up to 8 remotes and supports macros such as “Watch a Movie” to automatically turn on your HDTV, Blu-ray deck, surround system and so on, which means that you do not need to have several remote control. but If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, Logitech Harmony Link also works with the iPod touch as well as Android smartphones. Actually there are many add-ons and even standalone hardware that have a similar function, but they are usually difficult to configure. that’s why Logitech creates Harmony links, they even supporting more than 5000 brands and 225,000 devices in their database.

Logitech Harmony Link sold for $ 99.99 including a mini IR blaster accessory that allows you to control devices even when you can not see them (behind a wall or inside cabinets)

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