Longboard Stroller Is Made for Mom Skateboarder

Monday, June 3rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

It’s probably impossible for you to have a sexy wife like Lizzie Armanto – the best female skateboarder who apparently does not only have skills but good look as well. However, if it’s only an amateur girl skater, your chance might not be too slim. In that case, you will definitely want to give this Longboard Stroller as a presence for her once she successfully delivers the first kid for you.

Longboard Stroller

Integrated with a skateboard, moms can tend to their baby while having fun skateboarding on a beautiful afternoon at City Park. Now, don’t start complaining about moral issues or sort of stuff. I know good moms won’t pick it out for their baby but as far as function is concerned, this Longboard Stroller doesn’t seem to lack anything.

Besides, if you see some celebrity around showcasing its glamorous life by putting her baby on this cutting edge Strollon Stroller, this thing can be a good means to outperform her. Not to say that it can be a good thing to introduce extreme sport for your kids. Check out prototype being tested on the video below!

Another thing that might prove that it’s not a concept from some lunatic designer is that Quinny, the manufacturer, managed to snatch an award along with a cool amount of 2,000 euros just by showcasing it at an event called OVAM Ecodesign. There doesn’t seem to be any indication about release date and starting price, though. Probably Quinny is still working on its safety issues.

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