Loopwheels Promises Smoother Cycling Experience with Integrated Tire Suspension

Wednesday, May 8th 2013. | Sports

Until today, reinventing the wheel is considered pointless simply because people commonly think that wheels are already perfect as they are today. I have to disagree, however, because as a freaky geek who is close to neat gadgets and inventions, I have come across several designs showing that it’s still possible for us to increase the efficiency of today’s bike wheels. Loopwheels is the most recent of such design and it’s currently live at Kickstarter.


So, what does Loopwheels have to offer? An integrated suspension that replaces the function of supporting spokes of the wheel rim. The said suspension is made of carbon composite and has undergone a few testing to ensure maximum shock absorption and stability without compromising its endurance and strength.

Loopwheels Move The Bicycle's Suspension Directly Into The Wheel

While it can’t prevent any sharp and pointed objects from making a hole on your wheel like Energy Return Wheel does, it does help bring smoother bike riding experience. Also, the suspension will make sure you won’t fork some cash to fix a twisted wheel rim for hitting a pothole in high speed. Tap on the video below to know more about Loopwheels.

The team has finished completing the first prototype of 20-inch Loopwheels. Aside from the carbon suspension, the wheel is still the same with common bike tires. Even the wheel hub is still similar to the one equipped to any bike wheels. Head over to Kickstarter and ready a pledge of $357 to have the wheels delivered to your doorstep once it’s set to ship in August 2013.

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