LoungePac Gets All Your Beach Stuff Covered

Thursday, March 14th 2013. | Outdoors

Normally, people leave much of their stuff at home or hotel when they’re about to enjoy sunbathing on a beach. A wallet with some cash inside is often enough to get all their needs covered. The story will turn out a little different, though, if you’re pretty much of a beach bum. For this kind of people, beach is like their own home and they’ve got to settle down on it, instead of having to leave it for a while for certain necessity. If you like such an idea, LoungePac would definitely come in handy.

LoungePac : Lounge in Luxury

Similar to Grub Hub, LoungePac looks just like a regular rolling suitcase when folded in. The set of small wheels on its base should help carry this thing around which surprisingly packs quite some weight (At roughly 10 kg, you’ll struggle for sure if the wheelbase is disordered). According to the designer, the time it takes to unpack all of its features is only ten seconds, of course, if you do it the right way. Check it out on the video below!

There are so many compartments that you may even not be able to tell which stuff in which pocket. The integrated umbrella is secured by a mount that can be turned 360 degrees. The cup holder isn’t just an ordinary thing as it’s blessed with a cooler, so you can always enjoy cool drink under the scorching sun. The chair is also built in with a medium size pillow and if the supplied rooms aren’t enough to store all your stuff, LoungePac also ships with a tote bag. Make your way to Amazon now and get ready to dish out $259 if you want one.

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