Luci Solar Light Inflates like a Balloon

Monday, December 17th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Solar light is indeed not something you should be very amazed nowadays as it’s quite prevalent in the market. However, that fact doesn’t prevent developers from coming up with one featuring new design and functionality. The most intriguing one might be Luci by MpowerD, a startup based on New York.

Luci Solar Light by MpowerD

Luci is designed with flexibility being the focal point. Unlike, common solar lamps, all of its components namely LEDs, lithium-ion battery, as well as the solar panels are all housed in an inflatable plastic. When not used, it can be simply deflated and stored anywhere without fear of getting crushed into pieces. Sadly, though, the material is not degradable but MpowerD promises that next version will be much more environmentally friendly.

Luci Solar Light

The primary targets of the company are developing countries but they also expect to see a good number of sales in several developed and rich countries. They believe their Luci is a perfect light solution for outbound activities. During the day, you can deflate it and strap it on your shoulder to allow the sun recharge its battery. When night falls, it should have enough juice to brighten up your dark night.

Standing 5-inch tall, Luci only weighs 4 ounces when fully inflated. The circular arrangement of 10 LEDs at its bottom is seemingly as bright as 60-watt light bulb. Its battery take a considerable amount of time to be fully recharged but it’sworth it given that it can power up the unit up to 12 hours. One unit of Luci is offered for $15 but the price will spike up for sure once MpowerD integrates cellphone charger along with Wi-Fi hotspot on the next version.

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