LUMOback Reminds You to Stay Upright

Wednesday, March 20th 2013. | Medical

With lots of things to do at work, we often forget about the importance to keep our back straight. Science has proven that most of bad posture suffered by hard workers is the result of abnormal lower back. Even though such abnormality can be caused by the genetics, in case of workaholics, this is most likely the effect of wrong positioning of the lower back that takes place for long time. This is where LUMOback comes in. With its sensitive sensor, this wearable can remind the wearers if they start to slouch.

LUMOback Posture Sensor

On a glance, LUMOback comprises of a handy plastic plate and an elastic belt. Inside the plastic plate is a complex circuitry topped with a special sensor capable of detecting any wrong positioning of your lower back. When it happens, the device will vibrate to remind you to correct it, meaning the hard work is still on your end. Still, it’s pretty worth an appreciation considering most people tend to unconsciously bend their back while sitting or standing and no one wants to bother about that. The video below explains why you, slouchers, have to thank it.

Along with LUMOback is an iOS app which is handy to track your records throughout the days. It can also provide some feedback, should you ask it. Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with some of Apple’s latest devices. Pricing starts at $149 which is quite costly but given its benefit and novelty, I guess it’s worth it. Now that you know good posture is expensive, you have to be grateful if you have one.

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