Lunatik Taktik Is a Rugged iPhone Case That Looks Nice in Retro Finish

Saturday, October 20th 2012. | Mobile Phones

MNML Studio has released its latest product dubbed as Lunatik Taktik. As you probably know, this stuff acts as an iPhone protective case but more than that it’s extremely rugged that a mere drop will not even leave a scratch on it. It is Scott Wilson who becomes the mastermind of this project and seeing that his product ends up as big success, he’s gearing up to launch a model specialized for iPhone 5 (currently only available for iPhone 4 and 4S).

Lunatik Taktik iphone Protective Case

Overall, Lunatik Taktik is quite humongous for an iPhone case but you can easily forgive it when you know that all this thick layer completely seal your iPhone and protect it from any harm. Its rugged construction is aided with Corning’s Gorilla Glass as well as great water resistance. More importantly, it’ll not spoil the stylish profile of your iPhone as it properly adapts retro style in almost all of its design components, though your iPhone will look a lot bulkier.

Lunatik Taktik is designed specifically for iPhone. That said, most central parts of the handset remain functional while they’re being completely protected. You know there are some third party cases out there that disable access to some certain ports and buttons of the handset. Additionally, microphone as well as camera of the iPhone does not seem to be downgraded in terms of performance.

The only catch might probably be the number of crews you have to correctly set up in order to make sure that it’s completely attached to your iPhone. That said, you have to loosen the same number of screws if you want to detach it. Other than that, Lunatik Taktik is one great protective case for iPhone.

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